Comodo Kiosk vs Avast SafeZone

Hello i just made a test. I run Teamviewer on a computer with Comodo firewall and on another machine i have Linux. On that other machine i was still able to see the screen on the computer with Comodo firewall if i went into the Virtual Kiosk. If i run Teamviewer on a machine with Avast, and went into the SafeZone, then Teamviewer was unable go past it so to speak on that other computer. Have i missed some configuration? Because to me it seems that Avast SafeZone is more isolated then Comodos Virtual Kiosk.

Comodo sandbox/kiosk allows programs running in the foreground to capture screenshots and keyboard strokes but not for program running in the background.

Do you think that will change in the future?

The head developer has not made statements that would change.