Comodo Kiosk and Virtual Kiosk screen problems

Yet another Windows 8 problem , have done repeated re-installs and use of the cleaner tool and when online in Kiosk mode the screen flickers and jumps up and down like a video problem.

Gonna dump Win 8 and put Win 7 on until Comodo gets caught up.

More like until Microsoft fixes Windows 8 bugs…

The problem looks to be a graphics problem, have seen this before in other older Windows versions and applications and it only happens while in the Virtual Kiosk and no other Virtual mode otherwise it looks to performing fine in Win 8 with all updates current.

Does everything else work well?

If so, and taking into account that you have already tried solving this by uninstalling, using the cleanup tool, and reinstalling, this sounds like a bug. Please report it in this section of the forum and be sure to use the format provided in this post.

Thank you.

I was just going to ask that very question since it looks to be a graphics problem because otherwise it seems to work fine except for Virtual Kiosk or is it deeper and is it actually doing its protection thing?

The problem is isolated to the Virtual Kiosk Mode screen flicker and a more serious verticle shudder where the browser is jumping up and down.

Will file a bug report but am also going to try to load an older Windows 7 graphics driver to see if there is any difference…I am sure it has something to do with the Verticle Sync which with the Intel chipset has no off setting.