Comodo Kills Routers [RESOLVED]

(:SAD) I got a Netgear Wireless G Router today cause I wanted to use the wireless internet since I had more than one computer. Well, everything was fine and dandy until I put Comodo Internet Security 3.5 on my computer. There’s absolutely no way to get a router working with Comodo. I tried everything I could think of and then I uninstalled it. I went back to Windows Firewall, but even with Comodo gone, none of the computers could get any further than the routers IP address. I had to completely erase the router settings and set them back to factory default to even get back online to type this topic!!!

Comodo, your programs are nice, but it seems to me that CFP loves single broadband users and CFP = Dead Router when multiple computers hang out. I really like Comodo but I don’t wanna use it with the risk of it making me reset my router . . AGAIN!!! Did someone figure out how to make it work on a Netgear? More power to you cause I don’t have any idea how.

I have a wireless laptop running XP Pro, and a desktop running Vista Ultimate x64. Both connect via a 3COM wireless router. Both use CIS. A third computer connects to the router (wired) also, but it only used Windows firewall at this time.
As long as the connections are working before you install CIS, you ‘shouldn’t’ have experienced any problems. Your choice of router shouldn’t make any difference.
What (were) your CIS settings?
You did disable Windows firewall before installing CIS? (you didn’t say, so I am just asking).

Well, no, it does NOT kill routers… it doesn’t even configure them in any way whatsoever. Please, refrain from sticking complete FUD into thread titles such as this just because you are clueless with basic troubleshooting of network connectivity issues.


I have been using a Netgear Wireless G Router for 3 years now. What Model do you have?



Before we can answer, we would need more info, please.

  1. Have you used a router or set up a router before? (Not being facetious, just trying to work out your level of experience).

  2. Do you understand IP addressing and subnets? (Same explanation as above)

  3. What model Netgear do you have?

  4. Have you modified the routers default LAN (NOT internet) IP address?

  5. What is your current IP configuration? (This can be determined by running the command “ipconfig /all” in a command window and recording the results)

Without these bit of info, we would only be dancing in the dark.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Okay, something strange is going on. Here’s some information I have, cause I think it may help configure CIS to work correctly.

  1. Not very effectively, I had Comodo back then and I got nothing done with it installed.
  2. I understand they all have to have one that’s different, not much else
  3. WGR614v7
  4. No
  5. Not sure how it helps.

here’s what I found out. i got my router’s IP range, the router’s ip, the router’s subnet, the router’s mac address to those in the network, and the mac address the router tells the internet.

Can anyone tell me how to setup CIS the right way to make it work?

HarmonicShadow, let me start by asking you to please refrain from posting overreached conclusions
you haven’t explained if you installed Comodo in all of your computers or just one

as for ip addressing and subnetting, it is true that every computer needs an IP that is unique on its network, but you also need to know that your IPs need to belong all to the same network.

You might have noticed that on your IP config you can find a Network mask something like, this would mean that the first 3 groups of numbers are the network identifier, and only that last one is the computer identifier, so if you has 2 computers, one with and the other, they couldn’t communicate because they belong to 2 different networks.
With this information check your computers…

please post some feed back, and maybe some-one will be able to help you, but I really doubt that this has anything to do with CIS.

Anyway some-one will guide you trough a troubleshooting


I have CIS on a Linksys Router network with no problems at home
and CIS on a Belkin Router network on my Office computer, and no problems too

I reinstalled CIS on my two computers and didn’t change anything. Everything works just fine now. Then again, my router had to be reset when CIS wasnt installed, so it may be a bad router.

Sorry if I caused any problems because I couldn’t do the simple step of trying again. Anyways, consider the problem resolved.

No problem harmonic, we’re just glad to help, this could have been a configuration blocking a range of Ips just as easy
feel free to ask for helps around the forum if any-other issue troubles you :wink:

There is no reason to apologize!

I hate the word sorry here… :slight_smile:

Topic Closed.