Comodo kills my internet connection

Last nite I uninstalled Zonealarm free and tried to install Comodo v3, what happens is, during the install wizard, when it asks to scan the pc, I click on yes, and everything pretty much freezes. Under the task manager I see cfpconfg.exe sucking up 60/70% of the cpu, and the scan process halts. After that my internet connection stops.
Please, help…I tried comodo because many people tell me it’s a great firewall, but I can’t even run a scan…what am I doing wrong here?


I am at work, so there is no way I can check my home pc right now

Hello enrico68,

Sometimes ZoneAlarm will leave it’s “Leftovers” behind after the uninstall process (:AGY)…
Do you have an internet connection when comodo is uninstalled?

What other security software are you running on your home machine?

Please read this;

Hope this helps!


Hi Kyle, thanks for helping me out; I removed all leftovers from ZA as shown in the thread.

As for other security software installed I have:

Spyware Doctor
Spybot search and destroy

Avira antivir

All the above are free versions.

Could any of them create a conflict with Comodo? Maybe they are too many?


Wow, Yeah you do have alot lol. But they shouldn’t be conflicting with a network connection.
Just in my opinion, I think you can get rid of most of them… Avira and Superantispyware are pretty good.

Does your internet connection work since you’ve cleaned up Zonealarm?

I’m going to bed now, Another user should be able to help you. If not… I will be back within about 10 hours or so…

Yes, my internet connections is working properly now; I also did a full system scan with no alarms.
At this point I’ll download Comodo and see what happens. Well, I’ll let you and whoever else can help know if I stumble into any problems. You take care for now, have a good night, and again, thanks for your reply and courtesy


If your system is clean then you can skip the scan.

Glad I could help (:HUG)