Comodo keeps wanting to delete my clock program's exe file as malware

For some reason beyond me each time I start my computer in the morning this past week Comodo keeps deleting my clock program’s start exe by claiming it’s unknown malware. I have put the start exe file in my own safe files now four times as well as my protecteded files and it’s STILL doing the same thing. Can someone tell me why in heaven’s name it’s doing this. The program is NOT malware, it is a speaking clock program called Say The Time, and I’ve been using it for some time now and none of the other av programs I’ve tried has ever tried to delete the start up file like this has.

Hi logan,

Are you saying the AV is deleting the file? (like it is set to auto delete virus)

Or that D+ is asking you again for permission to run after each boot?.

Can you post the file path?