Comodo Keeps trying to open Sony Ericsson PC Suite Installer?!

Well this has only happened since i installed Comodo, so im guessing it is the cause.

Basically what happens is every now and again the installer for the Sony Ericsson PC Suite starts opening, and then encounters an error.

I believe Comodo is trying to open some sort of registration form or something as i haven’t completed one yet at all. How can this be fixed? Thanks :■■■■

The MSI Installer issue still persists with CFP It also occurred on my system with the previous release (v.273). On my desktop system, the MSI Installer for Sonic Backup MyPC launches at (1) bootup) and (2) sometimes when I open a new IE6 browser window or Web page.

The suggested fix/workaround has generally been to uninstall/reinstall the application referenced by the installer. I will do so if this bug is not fixed with the next release of CFP. I believe the reason that MSI Installer pops up is because it is being triggered in some fashion by CFP and that some of the files used for uninstalling the referenced application may have become corrupted or are missing.

Apparently, reinstalling the application fixes the issue. But that is rather time-consuming, so I am putting up with it for now.