Comodo keeps telling me that "system" is an unknown file

Comodo Defense+ keeps warning me that unknown file “system” is trying to access or save certain files. “System” in this case is Vista. The files usually accessed are something called “knapshot” or other files related to tcp/ip.

How exactly is Comodo treating system as an unknown file? How does the program not understand what the Vista operating system is? Is this something I should be worried about? And how do I figure out what programs are triggering the use of knapshot and the tcp/ip files?

I’m using Vista Home Basic, SP2
Comodo Firewall and Defense+, Version 5.3
I use Security Essentials as my Antivirus

PS: Is it safe to have Defense+ running alongside Security Essentials?


It shouldn’t be incompatibility between Comodo Defense+ and Windows Security Essential. But I think you would be better protected using CAV the AV of CIS instead of Security Essentials.

“knapshot” seems quite an unusual name for a system file. If I was you, I would download Malwerebytes and make a full scan to check if my computer is not infected.