Comodo Keeps shutting down wireless connection

Hello…Now I am very frustrated, as I just typed out in detail my problem, and hit my backspace to remove a character and was booted out! I share a house with one incoming Hi-speed connection and router. As my housemate does a lot of gaming etc, he is the wired connection and my PC has a Ralink PCI Wireless G utility installed. Excellent signal, and I connect using a password. I have the free version of Comodo, minus the firewall, as I use Windows Firewall. I have added Ralink and Intel as trusted applications and have Defense and the AV set at moderate settings.
The problem is continual that the Comodo utility keeps seizing my internet connect and turning it off. It is temporary and will come back up as soon as Comodo finishes whatever it’s doing, but it’s usually faster for me to reactivate the connection myself. In any event, it is really annoying and will happen a dozen times a day, sometimes opening a new page or tab, clicking on a link, or even opening a program, and almost always when I download anything, which is usually only a form or a document. I am not a high security risk, am very cautious, don’t game or download from sites I don’t know, but this has got to stop, or I will have to uninstall and find a friendlier application. I was recently told on a geek site that Comodo was way more than I needed for my usage patterns, and yes it is pretty complicated, so please, please does someone have an answer for me? Thank You so much.


Would you mind posting details of your D+ settings and any log entries, which you can find under Defence+/View Defence+ Events. Once the initial log opens select ‘More’.

You mentioned you’re not using the firewall. may I assume you’ve just installed the Comodo Antivirus suite or have you installed Comodo Internet Security and simply disabled the firewall?