Comodo keeps saying"you are about to receive a connection from another computer"

I am using the free Comodo Firewall
whenever I connect to the internet after a while i get a message “you are about to receive a connection from another computer”
what is this and what should i do?
Is somebody hacking my computer?

It could be, but it doesn’t have to be.

Is the IP address that the incoming connection attempt is coming from shown in the pop-up? If yes, you could check the IP (there are several sites that allow you to do this, but I don’t know if I’m allowed to suggest one here) to see if it’s coming from, for example, Microsoft or the vendor of a software you have installed on your computer. In which case it could be some automatic update and you need to decide if you are going to let them in.

If the IP address is a private one (i.e. you are just told which country and ISP it’s from), then I’d definitely block it.

Thanks Chakonari for your prompt reply !!
the pop up says
Application :system
Port: MS-ds(445)

Hi Teepu,

if you have no private network, you should go to Firewall > Stealth Ports Wizart and click on “Make my ports stealth for everyone”. This way, the FW will automatically generate a global rule blocking all incoming connection to your computer. Don’t worry if you have automatic updates for some applications, they’ll take place because they are orignitated by an outbound connection ie it’s your computer which check with the server of the apllication if there is an update.


Hey and warm welcome to comodo

I want to thank you for taking your time to describe your problem/question :slight_smile:

Could you type ipconfig /all and tell if you see a device/network with that address?

Valentin N

@ Teepu: you need to type that into the command prompt window.

To open the command prompt window:

In Windows XP: Click on Start → Run and type “cmd” (without the quotes) and hit enter on you keyboard or click OK; this opens the command prompt (a window with a black background). That’s where you type “ipconfig /all” (without quotes)

Under Windows 7, just click on Start and type “cmd” into the field that says “Search programs and files” and press enter on your keyboard, to open the command prompt.

I skipped using Vista, so I can’t tell you how to open the command prompt there.

After you have typed ipconfig /all into the command prompt and hit enter on your keyboard, you will get a list of information about your network.

@ Valentin N: I don’t see why another computer should show up with ipconfig /all

he will be able to see if other computers are connected.

[at] Teepu: do you know the ip address of your router? if you do please that in as see which other computer are connected to your network. untill you know what computer is trying to connect to your computer block it.

Valentin N

@Boris 3 Thanks for your reply
there is no private network, my computer is the only one connected to the internet via broadband cable connection
@Chakonari my OS is XP Pro SP2
yes i did a “ipconfig /all” and it only shows my IP address
only if i allow the “receive a connection from another computer” will i be able to see it but why allow it?
heres more coming in yesterday

port: MS-ds(445)


@Valentin N Thanks for your reply
yes i am blocking all these connections because i dont know as yet what they are!!
and my internet connection is working fine
i will try to do a ipconfig /all the moment Comodo Firewall says i am about to receive a connection from another computer and see what device/network is with that address

Do you use torrents?

If so then that could be the source of the connections.

Also, are you inside of a network?

@Thanks Chiron for your reply

No i never use torrents and like i said there is no private network, my computer is the only one connected to the internet via broadband cable connection

Sorry, somehow I missed that.

Does it list a file in the firewall alert?
If so which one?