comodo keeps sayig updates available, webpage says otherwise.. ?

comodo tells me there’s an update and when I click on button for more info it shows a webpage with the same/older version I already have installed, is this an error or has the page not been upadted? thanks

Without knowing your version number it’s hard to try and give an answer.

Several times each day I get the popup indicating Comodo Pro has new update. I click on it and the next screen shows there are updates, click to update and return No Updates.
It started over a month ago and continues today.
I am using version 3.5.57173.439

Hey gking.

A reinstall will fix the problem. And yes .439 is the latest build.


Thanks for replies, will reinstall as suggested

(Version 3.5.55810.432)

I uninstalled the version and downloaded/installed the 3.8.64739.471 version and I still get the pop-up telling about updates available. What gives?
Any suggestion on stopping/avoiding is welcome.
Many thanks!

Actually there is an update to 477 right now: .

I have 477 and its still saying updats avalable, The only thing to do untill its sorted it turn auto update off!

yep same problem here still updates available since 471 and now 477 too reinstall is to much work for blocking l and permiss programs on my comp.

Try this solution:;msg253262#msg253262

Hi did the fix on this link no change. Still says updats avaliable then goes onto down load them and ends saying there are none. Its a bug that needs fixing.

(:AGY) If you go back to several versions and check the forum, you will find the False Update problem keeps coming back over and over. It is my humble opinion that these minor workaround suggestions are not the solution. The developers need to work deeper into the design itself to correct the problem that is inherited over and over.
Are they waiting for a bailout from the trillions the government is giving out to anybody that needs help? LOL (:LGH)