COMODO Keeps freezing my pc


I have a problem on COMODO Internet Security

Sometimes it freeze my computer and when i hover on the system notification area COMODO icon it doesn’t show tooltip for COMODO neither double click work on COMODO icon so its completely freezed

that was on latest version 5.x

however i have also go back to previous version of COMODO but its still has the same thing!

Is there anything i can do?

i have nod32 v3 even i uninstalled it though its an interference but still COMODO freezing sometimes when run a new program not defined as trusted in COMODO i guess COMODO tries to show something about that program and its freezed (The alert box never showing)

This problem i have faced lately when i installed Dual-boot system Win7/XP

so might it be a bug on Dual-Boot systems?

because the new version 4 of nod doesn’t work on Dual-Boot it keeps the windows restarting over and over again after the winxp logo screen finishes.

Any suggestions please i want to use COMODO?

Hey and Welcome to the forum!

Have you made a partition of C: before installing Win7. If you have installed Win7 on C: then you will problems. Disable nod32’s realtime scanner/protection.

My recommendation is that you reinstall Win7 or Xp on your machine. In case you want to have both you can always run one of the OS (Win7 or Xp) on a virtual machine.


Hi and thanks for welcome me

Yes i have windows 7 installed on C:\

Also a bug dialog box showing sometimes (You have just found a bug on COMODO Please report it) or something like this

So can you fix this in the new release? i don’t like use virtual machines some softwares refuse to run on them because of packers anti virtual machines.

Also will the be fixed if i changed the Order? i mean i replace C: with xp and D:\ with Win 7 ?


I have no experience but I think this will solve your problem and I am surprised that you manage to have two Windows OS on C:


It’s not advised to run to Win OS’es on C:. I think the problem will be solved if you install l Win7 on C: and Xp on D: for example or the other way around. Think carefully if you really need both OS’es on you machine. If you don’t need both then install Win xp if your machine is older or Win7 if it’s 2 years or less; Win7 is more stable than Vista and newer than Xp. Look at the homepage where you buy your machine from and see what they recommend for OS.

What I will say now is !ot! I will make a copy of this and put it to the bug forum.

I hope I could help



Sorry but you did not understand me

I already have Windows7 on C:\
and other OS is not on the same partition Windows XP SP2 is installed on D:\

that s where my 2 OS Installed
C: Win7
D: Win XP SP2

Dual-boot configured to choose when i boot up the pc

but when i use Windows 7 it doesnt have any problem with COMODO so i thought that because Windows XP is installed on D:\ and not C:\ it will have problems with COMODO so i thought to move Windows XP back to C: and Move windows 7 to D:\

That what i meant
If the problem is persist i think i will just install XP on C: and format partition D:
since i don’t comfort with Win7 not much use it

I don’t much experience when it’s about dual booting but as long as the OS are in different partition (like in C: and D: ) it shouldn’t be any problems. I think it’s a wise idea to install Xp and delete the D.


Hi Valentin,

I am having the same exact issue on my Windows 7 x64 platform. It completely freezes up my system.

The system partition is the C:\ drive.

Here are some of my hardware specs:

  • Intel(R) Core™ i7 CPU Q740 @ 1.73GHz
  • 8.0 GB RAM
  • Windows 7 Ultimate x64
  • ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870
  • Atheros AR8131 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller
  • Atheros AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter
  • Intel(R) PCHM SATA AHCI Controller 4 Port


this may be stupid question to ask but have you installed the x64 bit version if you haven’t here is the download link to it

download this aswell so that you can see what is making your computer freeze.

i would recommend you to download Mz Ultimate Tools


Not so fast young man. It is very much possible to have multiple operating systems installed on one or more hard drives. I speak from experience here. Currently operating a triple boot with XP, Vista and Win 7 on three hard drives. Al three have CIS v5 installed.

HomeMade. Please don’t do a clean install of both OS’s. That’s needless amount of work.

Not sure what is causing your problems though. Try this NOD removal tool to make sure all traces are gone.

take EricJH’s advice :slight_smile: