Comodo keeps dropping ICQ and Jabber

Hi, I recently installed version 5.0.162636.1135 Comodo free personal firewall. But it keeps dropping my miranda (ICQ and Jabber) are suddenly disconnected (every couple of mins) without reason. Skype is online. Thanks for any help, this situation is very disturbing :frowning:

check may be miranda was sandboxed and partially limited. Add it to your trusted files. Allow internet connection for miranda

Thanks for the reply. Sandbox is off, Miranda has allowed traffic. Suddenly it drops the connection for no apparent reason. It just requires to set online status and it connects back to the net. It might be a coincidence with other network problem, but I observed this situation just after the installation of Comodo which is a replacement for zonealarm on my machine. I do not know if other TCP connections are stable as I have no other session-based connections running such as IM is. The scenario is simple, ICQ is online and after a couple of mins it is dropped with no report.

Run the official Zone Alarm removal tool just be sure there are not left overs of ZA around.

Can you confirm that Skype’s connection status stays unchanged when Miranda connection drops?

Can you post a screenshot of the Firewall logs. They are under View Firewall Events.

Skype is running, I am able to send messages in the time when ICQ (& jabber) is down. ZA cleanup had no effect. Miranda logs states: “Abortive closure of server socket”. Router logs do not show any abnormal activity.

Firewall logs show no activity in the time of connection drop down.

Does any of the work arounds suggested in App. is not working correctly, but does not seem to be s/boxed. What to do? [v5] make a difference?

I’ve made some of the changes suggested in the link, I will now observe it. I think it might be related with UPNP communicatin between miranda and router, which I disabled but it had no effect. I will also try different IM client to see if it might be an application related or if it is a network problem not related to the IM software I use. I will let you know about the results in this thread. Thank you.

why don’t you try pidgin? and it will work with jabber also, just google pidgin jabber and you will find a tutorial.

I altered a few settings in Miranda rules - I added ICMP packets and TCP/UDP rules and it seems it might be a working solution. When Miranda asked for internet connection, Comodo created only IP rule.