Comodo Keeps Crashing

Hi, recently I’ve been having a problem where CIS (firewall only) seems to crash randomly. It’s crashed twice in the last 24 hours, which is highly unusual. The first time it crashed I was just viewing an Amazon product page, and just a short time ago it crashed after taking it out of standby - logged on to see the “Oops, you have found a bug in Comodo” window. I immediately disconnected my net adapter and restarted Comodo, but closed out of the bug reporting window without sending a report… is there some way to find out what happened? Is there a log saved somewhere on my PC?

Comodo seems ok now, I ran Diagnostics and no problems were found, and it started up just fine. I’m just concerned about Comodo crashing at seemingly random times. I’ve been using Comodo for years without a problem and like I said this is very strange.

Is it cfp.exe that is crashing or cmdagent.exe?

I’m not sure which one crashed, but the next time this happens I’ll check! When this happened, the “oops” windows popped up, the tray icon “froze” in whatever state it was in and disappeared when I moused over it, and comodo needed to reinitialize when I opened it up (the status icon on the left side of the program goes from yellow to green), if that makes any difference.

That points to cfp.exe having crashed. That is the socalled client program or GUI . That means that cmdagent.which that does all the protective work is still running and that your security is not breached.

You can also check with Task Manager, Make sure you have “Show processes of all users” enabled in Task Manager. Then see which process is no longer running: cfp.exe or cmdagent.exe.

If you feel like it you could consider filing a bug report in the Bug Reports - CIS board following the format as described in FORMAT & GUIDE - just COPY/PASTE it!. Please add a crash log to the report/

Ah, thanks Eric! I’ve been paranoid about security recently and have been worried that somehow something had crashed Comodo and I wasn’t protected. Comodo has been ok today, no crashes so far - maybe it was an isolated incident? Next time I will take a screenshot and save the crash log (there’s no way to retrieve an old log, is there?) so that I can file a bug report. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

Sorry for the repost, but Comodo crashed again just a few minutes ago. this time I was in the middle of installing Microsoft Network Monitor and it simply crashed. cpf.exe crashed, but cmdagent.exe was still running in the task manager. I sent in a bug report, but I’ll also follow your advice and post in the forums.

Hello Eleventeen,

Could you also Run This Analysis Tool and Either PM me the Report that it generates or Attach it on your next reply;

Thanks Eleventeen

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Hi Jake, here’s the report generated by psc-exam.exe - I would have PM’d you, but it’s too long to paste in a message.

Do you think it’s malware causing Comodo to crash? I’ve been concerned that might be the problem, even with my already-paranoid browsing habits… something sneaky managed to get on my system and get past avast, MBAM and Comodo and go undetected. :-\

Thanks Jake!

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No I do not think Malware is causing Comodo to crash; however some software may; Just want to see what is running while it crash’s …
Your PC is fine (from what i can tell from the report)

However, Seems that you have, Avast AV Realtime and MBAM Realtime; Have you added CIS Folder/Primary Executables to Exclusions/Ignore List? and Also There are no events in Defense+ Log? As well as Events in Windows Logs (System/Application)? Related to the Security Products you have installed?

Yes, I’ve added all of the Comodo main executables to the trusted process list in Avast’s behavior shield (should I also add them to the file system shield, though?), and I’ve added all the Comodo executables to the MBAM ignore list.

The only items in the Comodo D+ log the last time were Comodo cloud lookups to test if the MS Network Monitor install files were safe (they were found safe). Both previous times, nothing was in the D+ logs. I checked the firewall logs and found nothing, and I also checked the windows event logs and found nothing indicating an error related to Comodo/Avast/MBAM around the times that this happened. There’s nothing in the MBAM protection logs or the avast shield logs either.

When I restarted my PC a bit earlier, Comodo caused the system to hang when loading my desktop. At the point when Comodo would normally load up, it ended up causing everything to lock up and I had to forcefully shutdown. I booted into safe mode and tried to run the Comodo diagnostics, but it said it could not repair the installation (didn’t note the exact message) and offered to create a report which I did - would that be useful? I ended up having to uninstall Comodo and do a fresh reinstall because every time I tried restarting and logging in, it ended up hanging the logon process - maybe this will work?

That would be very useful(Regarding to the log); and thank you for your time; but as Eric pointed out this is a bug, but i’m just a curious person on why this is happening :slight_smile:

Ok, Here’s the repair log Comodo saved when the repair operation failed, hopefully it can help sort out what happened! I’ll also post this in my bug report topic because it seems related to the problem.

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