Comodo keeps containing svchost.exe

Ever since this last update, Comodo keeps virtualizing svchost.ese. And my Laptop has become quite slow. I have no idea if these are related, but I don’t understand why suddenly Comodo thinks that svchost is not to be trusted. How do I tell it to trust svchost,.exe and remove it from the container?

Use the unblock applications task, there was a bug when the trusted vendors list would get corrupted when you updated from a previous version to a newer version using the internal program updater. They have released a hotfix to repair the TVL.

Thanks FutureTech, for the quick reply. The svchost.exe files are not in the ‘blocked applications’ section but rather in the ‘contained apps’ section listed as “fully virtualized” How do i reverse that?

Go to tasks > containment tasks > reset the container. Then open the file list to check svchosts file rating. But I’me guessing it was normally contained as apart of the containment service when unknowns are started in the container. This is normal behavior.

FYI. I keep having the smae programs blocked after each new boot, even though. I Unblock them each time. The program states if we unblock a program it will be considered safe the next time it is discovered. That is not being adhered to by the program.

(This is on my desktop and not related to problems I am having with my two laptops)

Can you attach your diagnostic report and export the containment event logs? For diagnostic open the main UI and click on help ? > support > diagnostics. Create the report even if it says it hasn’t found any problems. For logs open the logs and select show containment events from the drop down menu, then right-click inside and select entire period, then right-click again and select export.

I’m sorry. I had already uninstall CIS due to all its issues with the recent upgrade before I saw this message. I’ve had nothing but problems with the latest CIS on three PCs. I just don’t have the time or interest in beta testing software.

I do honestly hope you solve these issues and that some day in the future I can again consider using Comodo.