Comodo keeps blocking Webshots.


Comodo latest beta blocks Webshots and logs indicate them as fragmented packets blocked, any reason why, also how can I stop Comodo from blocking webshots.

Please check if adding a new rule (described in the link below) solves your issue.,626.msg3865.html#msg3865

Hi, the beta has this rule already by default.

If adding the fragmented ICMP rule fixes this issue with Webshots, please post back here, so we can mark this issue as resolved.

Thanks in advance,
Ewen :slight_smile:

No go, can’t add the rule.

Cant add the rule or adding the rule didn’t solve the issue?

The problem is when I add the rule, it reverts to ICMP frag rule instead of 3 and 4.

I’m not sure what you mean here?

If you’re talking about the position of a rule, then you can easily move them up & down the list (right click menu or menu items at the top right of the rule list).

Yes it is the same. ICMP 3.4 = ICMP Fragmentation needed . So you are adding correctly.

Great, but sadly, Webshots still gets blocked.

I will be trying it to see what happens, when I find time. We are about to release another beta next week. You can also try with it to see what CPF blocks.


The latest version beta still blocks Webshots unfortunately.

Hi Arup,

But now you should be able to see what it is blocking in the LOGS. What do they say? Let us see them to understand what is happening.



It shows fragmented packet blocked in the logs when I try access webshots.

Disable “Do protocol analysis” at the “advanced”.


This one works, but then does it introduce a newer hazard if malformed packets are sent.

Not quite much. But fragmented packets should always raise some flags. You can try enabling do protocol analysis but disabling block fragmented IP packets option so that protocol analysis will remain intact.


Thats works as well, thanks egemen, now if only someone could solve my registration blues, I would be a true to life permanent camper for Comodo.

How does registration fail? For example what error message does it exactly give? And What do CPF logs say about this?

The error SS is attached and the logs indicate port 135 and 445 blocked, funny thing is I have Comodo set to allow all traffic.

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