Comodo Keeps Blocking A Program


I recently installed Comodo Antivirus a few days ago, and just now, I opened my Photoshop program and when I did, Comodo thought it was a virus. After that, it did not run. I assure you, this is not a virus, as I have used this program multiple times in the past. So I was wondering, is there anyway to stop Comodo from thinking that this program is a virus?

Any help is appreciated. Much thanks,


Please report the detected file as a false positive through the form on this page.

Do what Chiron said but for now do this:

Open the CIS/Advanced settings/Security settings/Antivirus/Exclusions/Add the file/folder in. That’s for version 6.

It’s probably because amtlib.dll got modified >:-D Just taking a million dollar guess :wink:

Like Seany007 says, just add it to exclusions or the whole folder to it