Comodo keeps asking over and over

I had to install a new hardrive on my sisters computer. I downloaded and installed Comodo first thing after getting Windows XP installed. Her Comodo looks completely different than mine even though mine automatically updates. Anyway she needed to retrieve her tax papers off her old hardrive, so I made it a slave. We had to installed HR Block to do so. Comodo kept popping up asking for permission to access the internet, no matter that you checked remember this answer. I even made it so HR Block was a trusted application, didn’t work. I lost track but it asked about every 3 seconds for the install, I lost track at about 60 pop-ups, it asked over and over for the same thing no matter that i checked remember this answer. I later installed a different application and it was the same, I had to keep giving Comodo permission over and over and over. I this normal, because mine doesn’t do this. I used TurboTax and it asked maybe twice in install.

There Is A Post Made Before In This Forum “Configuring CIS for Maximum Security with ZERO Alerts for Novices” Which Includes Video Tutorial. The Link To The Post Is Provided Below.

Hope This Would Help You