Comodo keep crashing

Hi! im using CIS and today for some reason it started crashing even i didnt had any changes to system or comodo it self. This is log file it makes, i cant read it. Any advice?

valorant can be cause, here i install valorant in two systems, a without other softwares (only windows clean) the error happened!
with the comodo internet security error repeat, but valorant is incompatible with some versions of windows 10…

wait the devs… :-TU

How did you determine CIS was crashing when your crash dump points to vgk.sys which is the vanguard anti-cheat driver?

Well Comodo was poping window saying it has crashed and if i want to send report, which i did. But it kept crashing, for some reason it didnt crash single time today.

Then you provided the wrong memory dump as CIS configures windows to store crash memory dumps of CIS processes to the C:\ProgramData\Comodo\CisDumps folder. After you get those dumps and provide a download link to them, you should delete them from the cisdumps folder to check for new crashes.

That folder is empty for me. Dump i provided was given to me via comodo popup saying there was a crash and if it can send this dump file for improving software etc… Maybe it wasnt saying comodo has crashed after i think better, it was strange that it was worded something along lines of “There was a crash” cant remember it saying strictly that it self has crashed, also UI of comodo did not stop working when that happend. I disabled that anti cheat software so im guesing i wont be seeing crashes anymore, but if i do, il take screenshots and put it up here.
Thanks for your help!

try to add rules for that vanguard driver maybe that’ll help

Not using hips or AV from comodo, just firewall and it has rules to let it online

maybe auto-containment rule to ignore, there might be something to interact with that driver

install valorant and start the game with PC clean (without other softwares, only the windows), PC restart and bluescreen…

Its known that valorant anticheat software is absurd and overly aggressive , it also runs on system 24/7. I only have it installed for gf when i go to sleep earlier then her, so il just enable service when she wants to play which is not often.

Also as i said i dont use any comodo parts except firewall it self, no hips, no auto containment, antivirus etc… just pure firewall which has allowing rule for valorant and its anticheat.

if this issue still present try these

If this fits your problem, and you have Comodo security suite software installed.

Go to Settings → Advanced Protection → Miscellaneous → Don’t detect shellcode injections in these applications

Add the following to the exception list

\Riot Games\VALORANT\live\ShooterGame\Binaries\Win64\VALORANT-Win64-Shipping.exe

C:\Program Files\Riot Vanguard\vgc.exe


Unfortunately HIPS can’t be disabled completely (permanently) anymore like it was in older CIS versions.


See here: General Setting | Comodo Internet Security | Comodo Internet Security v5.9/5.10

and search for “Deactivate Defense+ permanently (Requires a system restart)-” in the GUI window and in the help text which explains what the setting does.