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Must see this Link - http://www.matousec.com/projects/proactive-security-challenge/level.php?num=1

THANKyou Very Much 4 All what you Do & Made 4 Comodo ISp Product !
I wish I knew this product recently, but … Better late than never :slight_smile:
Non Of the Legacy Av Product is Approaching the level of Comodo ! ! !
I :heart: Melih Videos,you can learn a lot from it !
I have a lot to say About COMODO,But you can Watch the Videos & Enjoy :slight_smile:


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I wat talking about the test 100% Passed :wink:

If you read Mort you would know it isn’t.

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Protection can never be 100%. It is possible to get close to 100% protection under perfect conditions, but of course this is the real world…

Comodo claims that any file can be identified by its hash as being good (in the whitelist database), bad (in the blacklist database, or unknown. This claim is not 100% true because it is possible for different files to generate the same hash irrespective of the hash algorithm used, therefore there is a very small probability that an unknown bad file could generate the same hash as a known good file. Just do a Google search on hash collision probability if you doubt this.

If a file has been correctly identified as unknown , Comodo claims 100% protection is provided by running it in the sandbox. Once again this is not 100% true because it is possible the unknown file could contain a new type of malware that is not recognized as dangerous by current detection methods.

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