Comodo isn't remembering which applications are opening which other applicaitons

I am sure the first thing everyone is thinking is “did he tick the ‘remember this’ box” and the answer is yes. I thought after a few months (3) that Comodo would have learned most of the applications by now but it is still popping up at least twice a day asking me. There is one application launcher (FARR) program that it can’t seem to figure out (I have defined it, and others, as “trusted applications” but still it asks every once in a while). Is there something i am missing?


Hello Gaiko, welcome to the forums!

Does the popup address an application (exe) or a component (dll)? I’ve sometimes got popups of components (Comodo Firewall Pro doesn’t seem to remember my allow/block choice there), usually when I have the Component Monitor in “Turn On” mode. It works better to have “Learn Mode” for me.

Also, in the Miscellaneous settings, which frequency do you have on Alerts?

As for version, I presume you have the latest