Comodo, is their policy legal?

Hey Jim, use Firefox 2. It has an inbuilt spell checker in real-time IE. You type a word and press the space bar checks the spelling for that word.

Also Firefox has many third-party addons that are free and work wonders!!

Here in canada they market some phones as “free” but in reality you still have the monthly fee so they are not free, that point aside, I dont see how Comodo is taking away buisness, because even if they imposed a law for the Comodo products, people from there could pretend to be americans or canadians and get the product for free. Besides that, I think that it is an american company and as long as they are not giving away free software (such as on a CD, because anything that you can get on one website for free, then it is bound to go to other websites, so you cant stop it anyway, Microsoft attempted to do this a few months ago with a WindowBlinds theme called Arrow which as you can probably guess is a theme emulating Windows Aero. You can still get it form sites on the internet and if not there you can get it from a P2P network.) then I can not see why they would attempt that.

Ok I’m no expert in this subject! And I’m not taking Microsoft’s side! (who would? unless insane :P) why can’t Microsoft give a media player with their OS! If another company can give it for free! Since it’s the user who decides which one he/she is gonna use! And if they can’t ship a browser with the OS how come they can ship other products like messengers, Browser (I don’t reacall IE being banned)