comodo is the best antivirus

i already tried many antivirus to my desktop, laptop and mytablet (ZTE LIGHT TAB V9 and SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 2 7")

and i think in 2010 - 2012, comodo is the best antivirus of the year.

now you come with dragon browser, i am sorry, i think u can let this browser down, because already many developer (mozila, firefox, chrome as your competitor) to develop browser. specially to mozila, it can include to install script to his body.

so my lovely comodo, you must still focus to antivirus and firewall, be the best antivirus in 2013 !!!

please have solved my problem to install comodo

today Jan 18, 2013…

overview and testing: after download new comodo, dragon browser and installed !

with myheart, i say, “I am sorry to comodo developers, i take back myword, your dragon browser is very fast and smooth so please continue your work at this software”

after i tried the new version comodo av and dragon browser, it is work now, my blinking display is gone away…!

love, love comodo…

Hi and welcome anto2k,
I for one, would be one of many very sad users if they stopped developing Dragon. :cry:

+1. True Comodo AV has a high detection rate for the single engine and it does save a lot of system resources. As for the Comodo browser I only trust Comodo with my info.

What is your source for such a high detection rate.?..Testing organisations etc or is that just a personal opinion. >:-D

yeah may be, because i used dragon browser with many bugs (lag n error, or may be, do i use earlier version ???) :smiley:

agree, agree with u, go, go comodo… ;D

The current version is up there with the best of them IMO. :wink:

let’s go to location download ;D

Youtube testers, independent pro testers which I know personally who test AV’s for living and personal opinion. I don’t trust any testing organisation apart from Matousec.

Also Mr. Mrarnold I would like to add:

1st: I’m talking about a mix of AV settings (default and high).

2nd: What is the ‘high detection rate’? I’m talking about 80% or above.

3rd: What malware are we talking about zero day or known? And which detection?

So I’m talking about overall detection.

1.Youtube testers are hardly reliable sources and mostly biased.
2.independent pro testers…hmm care to share those ? we know them.?
3.Matousec…they only test firewalls and HIPS and not AV,s.

There is nothing substantial which shows the “high detection rate” you speak of.
Maybe when the comodo av gets amongst the others at av test and av comparitives then we can tal of “high detection rates” in a little more detail.
Thanks. ;D ;D ;D

I partially don’t agree with your 1. Some AV testers are biased you can tell by the way they review things. If you know rynesandbergfan23. He is a very fair tester in my opinion he doesn’t just pass products because of the company that makes the programs.

  1. I disagree. Testing organisations are even worse as the reliable sources.
  2. Few independent testers work for this site: if you know Russian that is. And many other independent Russian sources which I can provide which are still unbiased.
  3. I’m well aware what test. Did you read my comment correctly? It had nothing to do with AV.

You have no idea about such organisations you are talking about. Go and see Melih blog and many others sources which take apart your trust in the ‘AV test and AV comparatives’. And you seem to have a very limited view on what’s going on with the AV market today. With ‘AV test and AV comparatives’ it’s all about pay us money get what you want to see and sell your product. It’s all about money not protection.

i am sorry, with myheart i agree to seany007…

wow, i have good news today. I tried again to install the new comodo and dragon browser, as like suggest from ourfriend in the upper.
and than … the result is…

wew, it is working now, blink display is OFF !!!
so i try comodo browser… wew very fast and smooth

i must change myopinion about comodo browser :smiley:

Comodo firewall is not bad if you used comodo dragon browser and antivirus then my suggestion is also use comodo firewall . It is best personal firewall …

Your reply doesnt clarify anything im afraid…Your link merely refers to a website advertising comodo but does not go into much detail about any av testing on comodo,s half.

Oddly you mention that av test and av comparitives are about money etc and yet matousec is exactly the same and a lot of people base their security product decisions on these tests so your comment is lame.
Perhaps i do have a limited view on whats going on in the av world but then again what is your expertise in this field exactly.???,.experience etc.

So is yours LOL! You don’t even know the basic facts about such issues in the AV market or you ignore it which is shocking. Look at the video section on that site it’s your problem you don’t know Russian. I heard allegations about Matousec but it’s more legit than AV test and AV comparatives. My comment is lame? LOL! Now you getting personal! Don’t know what to say anymore? What I have to do with anything? Experience? What? LOL!

Once again…What are your credentials and background for your (apparently).superior knowledge and expertise on this area.?
Are you a professional tester.?(or should that be jester.??? >:-D)
Do you possess personal insight into how anti virus programs are tested etc.?
Yes i did read the website thank you as my comodo dragon browser translated it.(or were you unaware of this function within the browser?? 88) 88)
Ive never once professed to be an expert on such matters i just go by user experience.
Interestingly enough if you search within this forum melih did reply to one of my questions by stating that av are a respected testing organisation and yet you contradict this by saying its all about money and other nonsense.

Seems to me your just a fanboy with no concrete evidence of your claims. :o :o :o

Who said that I have a superior knowledge and expertise? You making such things as you go LOL! What about you? I was talking about other sources but my friends test AV’s for living so they have degrees and know what’s going on with the AV market today unlike you but to know that you don’t have to be a pro tester. I know what CD can do… You looked at the wrong section duh! Look who is talking LOL! I’m not even gonna bother talking with you what’s the point talking with the wall?

Before there are any misconceptions here,im not knocking comodo av by any means…ive been using comodo internet security for quite a long time and the av has been top notch ias ive ran some personal tests myself.
All im saying is it would be nice to see how it compares to others. ;D
Please forgive me if i have appeared rude as that was not the intention. :-[