Comodo is reporting EVERYTHING as a Malware since this night.[Solved]

I had the same problem, a 5 quarantined firefox files. But no error occurred in my case, it worked normally. I upgraded to the database 28947 I restored the quarantine files and scanned the folder and nothing was detected. It looks like it was fixed :-TU


Still get a lot of false positives with 28947
Win 10 1803

Not fixed for me. Recuva, Dual monitor Tools , CCleaner 32 bit and just about every portable version of any software get detected as Malware , All this files were fine last week and on Virus Total

Help please

must also confirm, still not fixed as of 5:40am EDT

Same for me, ive just registered so I can comment on here…

Last night same issues with 90% of my Portable Apps…

7Zip, Handbrake, Firefox, MediaInfo, Fotografix… all seen as malware… I actually removed them first but I had the same versions for over a year and never a problem with them so I know they are fine… Just Suddenly detected as malware@ (#3i0uplmysdze7) that’s the most common one…

Latest update / DB 28948 /Website DB 22061

Hopefully we can get this sorted soon, thx

Thankfully I didn’t have anything quarantined, but I still woke up to 1583 results on the scheduled scan. I updated and ran another scan… still 50 results. I take the problem isn’t solved yet? I’m running version on Windows 7 32x and my database version is 28947.
I’ll attach the log too.

database 28948

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Same here. Win10 1803.
Database version 28948
Website database 12235

-.- It flagged a lot of stuff as malware.

edit: It happened since I woke up and use the PC today

The issue of calling everything malware continues. It is ANNOYING!

Yeah, here too.

I have been a COMODO fan, but I’m becoming increasingly dissillusioned. Wouldn’t use it except its about the only thing out there free for business.
Its obviously a signature error, and they might as well admit it. I manually rolled back to a signature database from 2 days ago, and it was fine… now of course it rolled forwards again, and whammo, same problem.

There was another update, let’s try now.

there is now an update pushed to all clients. the version is 28950. That solves all problems we’re aware of.

Please check and if you still see problems, we would like hear about it.

Again, we’re very sorry to cause this disturbing incident, and all the teams are working 24/7 to fix the problems caused by this and also to not replicate that in the future.

my signature version has been 28948 I believe that is at least the second version that has been bad. It doesn’t seem like there are any newer?

Looks like now it’s fixed.

Yup. but that was bad!

A company making mistakes is not the problem, the problem is what they do to fix the mistakes.
I use Comodo for years, I just can’t remember, I saw nasty things and they were able to fix those problems in an acceptable time.

After latest update I am glad to confirm all is well again, many thanks for the quick fix…