Comodo is reporting EVERYTHING as a Malware since this night.[Solved]

I don’t know why, but comodo suddently want to put every single file in quarantine…

Comodo CIS version

some other people have the same issue if you read twitter

what’s happening ???

Hi domspiegel

thank you for the notification. Can you please tell me your signature database version?


as you can see, even virustotal version of comodo is detecting everything as malware, while all the other antivirus not

As for the database, is this it :

I am experiencing something similar - database version 28946 - product version

av is going quarantine crazy on mundane software…

we have identified a case where some rules are distributed and then removed just after, by an automated process. We’re working on identifying this and fixing it. I’ll provide updates…

■■■■ I’m getting call all over the place with my clients and their computer not working because of comodo. :o

I hope you can un-quarantine via updates… goodluck :-TU

I just got the April Update via Windows Update (Called Feature Update to Windows 1803) and I got a lot of the files being quarintined
I have done the update via the Media Creation Tool on other pc’s without a problem.
Hopefully this can be fixed.

I have the same issue, I was able to unquarantine and exclude the files, most from Firefox and one from 7-Zip.

I’m using latest version of CIS After update to Windows 10 1803, CIS started to detect everything as malware

Same here. It took out Firefox and when I tried to reinstall it, it quarantined the files as they were unpacking. Then it went after MSI Afterburner. So I shut it off and am just using Malwarebytes right now. Yea, something seriously wrong with the current virus definitions.

I’m having the same issue with Comodo blocking Firefox files! I wasn’t doing anything and suddenly Comodo blocked 2 instances of omni.ja, which resulted in Firefox crashing and getting stuck in the “crash reporter” loop. I unblocked both instances, and was able to open Firefox again, however, Comodo decided to block 8 different Firefox features/applications! What is going on Comodo?!?!?!?! :o :o :o

yeah, my CIS also attacked firefox and I disabled it.

windows 10 Pro 10.0.16299 Build 16299

we found the issue. The FP check mechanism somehow failed for last update. It’s now fixed and db version 28947 is updated. Can you please check the endpoint updates, it should be resolved.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience we have created.

can you please try to update the db and check again? It should be fixed.

tzvia, can you please update the db and check if it’s fixed? We have corrected the problem.

candygirl777, the db is fixed now. can you please check it?

I’m sorry for the short inconvenience we have created.

we have had an internal problem and introduced some signatures that caused FP for a short time. The problem is now fixed, but there are some users like you that are affected.

Pleasae update your signature database, and restart the applications, if possible restart Windows Update.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience we have created.

Oh thank you so much for this, I was having a minor panic attack over this. I scanned everything over again with MWB and got nothing, was just getting endless quarantining with very random reports, it basically took out half of the programs on my PC. So just to check, its safe to unquarantine everything? I just updated 32 minutes ago as of this post and it seems to have subsided. Edit I stand corrected, its detecting false positives again (I believe) also I am on version

I did not update anything. My windows is still on 1709 (Build 16299.371). Firefox is the latest version 59.0.3.
Starting last night, Comodo reports all Firefox components as either unwanted applications or some unspecified malware.
I guess, there is something wrong with the recognizer or the signature files.


Virus database 28946 seems to be the culprit, but 28947 didn’t seem to fix it entirely.