Comodo IS pro problem with windows 8

Hi, I have purchased Comodo IS pro and after installing it while my Laptop was updating the Database files the windows crashed with BSOD (Blue screen of deathe - note this never happened before and I was using Kaspersky) afterward when i tried to reboot my Laptop it didn’t showed any display screen not even bios, while the lights and laptop was still running I had it checked by a technician who re-installed or reset the bios and the laptop display turned on. While in windows 8 after reboot i couldn’t use my laptop keyboard or touchpad and had to start over again and again and finally had to use a USB mouse. I uninstalled comodo IS pro and Geekbuddy and now the keyboard and touchpad is functioning. I’m using avg to clean up the mess. Please guide me should I get the refund otherwise I’m a little scared of reinstalling the CSI on my Laptop…

I want to start by clarifying that I am not Comodo staff. I am a volunteer moderator who takes care of the bug reporting board.

However, I believe the best place for this topic is in the HELP section of the forum. I will therefore move it there. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.