Comodo is preventing Adobe Lightroom 2 from working properly

My apologies if this is the wrong area, but…
I have been experiencing severe problems with the the latest version of Adobe Lightroom 2 - I get all kinds of error messages when trying to export from Lightroom .
For example ‘An internal error has occurred: Win32API error 5 (“Access is denied” ) when calling ShellExecuteExW from AgWorkspace.ShellExecute’
Trying to print LR2 tells me the Printer spooler service is not running - Windows services tells me it is running automatically.
Tonight I started shutting down background services and it wasn’t until I shut down Comodo that Lightroom 2 worked properly.
I have run a Comodo scan and submitted a list of unknown files for examination - a great many of which refer to Adobe.
In the meantime, how can I work in Lightroom 2 and stay safely connected to the internet with Comodo as my firewall?

What do your D+ logs say?

To be honest, I can’t understand the logs - all I want is a simple firewall that works with out causing me hassle.
There’s a whole host of LR activities that appear to blocked from working - none of the modes, including Training allow anything out from Lightroom.
At the moment I can’t access any logs as Comodo is submitting a whole pile of stuff back to Comodo and it seems to take hours to stop the submissions.
I’ve managed to stop them now, but now can’t open Comodo to look at the logs.!
Never mind , I’ll go and find another firewall, this problem is costing me time and money.

No reason to go looking else where when we are here to help you. Things can be frustrating but I will help as much as possible. Seems like you blocked something that should be aloud. Can you post a screen shot of your logs? Comodo is more then a firewall. Its a behavior blocker with its D+ which is the HIPS protection.

Right now i can’t even get Comodo to restart.
Between my last and your latest posts, I looked for all the Lightroom files in the pending logs and moved them to My safe Files.
Still getting the same problem.
As it’s late and I’ve now lost 5 hours work, I’m giving up.
I appear to only have one solution. Ditch an expensive Adobe program and go back to an older version that Comodo doesn’t affect.

Ok do not worry about your pending files. That is cause your using D+ in Clean PC mode. Just purge and remove whats in there and put D+ in Safe mode. Open up Comodo and go to the D+ tab and click on Advanced. Then click on Computer Security Policy. Highlight %windir%\explorer.exe and click on edit. Then click on Access Rights then click on Modify to the right of Run as executable. There you will see your programs listed. Look through all of them and see if you see Adobe and change it to trusted. Also look under the Block Applications next on the right. click apply all the way out and reboot.

Thanks! :slight_smile:
I’ve saved your answer and will give it a go tomorrow.

Ok let me know what happens. Glad to help. Keep in mind that Comodo is the best FREE firewall out there. (B)

Well I finally got Adobe Lightroom listed - took a lot of adding and applying though, but I think we’ve cracked it Light room is now recognising there’s a printer hanging off the PC and has exported files under different methods and Comodo is beginning to ask what to do as LR2 tries to execute something.
Looks like you’ve cracked it for me. (S)
Thanks for your patience.

Your welcome David. Set the Firewall and D+ to Safe Mode which is the best settings. Any other questions just ask.

                                         Chet  (R)