COMODO IS Premium VS. Malwarebytes

I think that it is necessary to consider the whole thing from a different angle of view.

Generally I think , it is not useful to compare t comodo’s containment with a pure sandbox tool like sandboxie . Comodo´s Sandbox is just one , but an extremly important part of a whole Security Concept . Running programs without errors , is not the main determination of Comodo’s sandbox . The main determination is to protect the user if all other security components get fail or be bypassed . Comodo`s Auto-Containment Component performs this task masterfully . This fact makes Comodo superior to all other protection solutions . We all “should” know, a one hundred percent recognition rate , is simply a pure illusion .

Finally, I would like to join the words of “Yousername”: "… I agree that it isn’t perfect, but a black and white approach you are mentioning with using the HIPS as a strict allow/block approach is much riskier IMO".