Comodo is Pathetic

i can’t understand why comodo doesn’t give any monthly program updates like other security software brands for example suppose from current version 7.0.317799 to 7.0.320000 like that because almost each and every well known security software brands gives monthly program and modules updates to resolve and fix bugs and important security and compatibility related issues but comodo is totally pathetic regarding this issue and most importantly the comodo security softwares are filled with thousands of bugs and flaws and various security issues that remains unresolved and unfixed for months and years because comodo is so much lazy in terms of giving much much necessary monthly program updates because comodo is used to give some program updates and modules updates after 6 months or 8 months or 1 years which is a very very poor representation in the process of development and growth of a security software product which must be updated every month in terms of its program updates and modules considering the amount of bugs it may contain and also considering the increase in the new techniques in the field of hack and intrusion and security breach attempts

I see no reason to have monthly updates if they are not needed. Comodo is NOT riddled with bugs as evidenced by the fact that those having problems are in a small minority. Trying to make any software work with all possible hardware and installed software configurations is a very hard job and updates should not be tied to a schedule. Anyone who has done any coding at all knows that it’s very common that when you fix one specific thing that a few people are complaining about it breaks something else for other users. Testing updates has to be a long and arduous process and once again, can not be tied to a schedule.

I agree with Dch48 on this one. And I will add that you are free to use another program from one of the monthly update types that you prefer. Aside from the assertion that everyone else does it, why is there a need for monthly updates?

I agree about the monthly release. If the SW is fine, there’s no need of a new release.
But I don’t agree about the other statements.
CIS has some security bugs and some of them affect every user.
Check for example this one, which it’s more than 1 year old and not solved yet…

I suggest you start corroborating your case when stating there are thousands of bugs. The update frequency for program updates is most higher than the 6-8-12 months you are suggesting.

There is no laziness from Comodo’s end. CIS is its flagship on which a big team is working.

If you have specific problems please open separate topic(s) for that. We will see what is happening and if it is something that can be fixed on your end or whether a bug report is needed.

I understand frustration but your contribution is not giving us any clues or handles and you’re only bad mouthing Comodo. I suggest you clean up your act a bit.

as i have mentioned earlier on one of my post that the very latest version of comodo free firewall and comodo internet security totally damaged and corrupted my network drivers and internet connections & hence i have to reformat my computer with windows 8.1 32 bit several times and finally i am such a frustrated user of comodo as a result of which i have to make some strong comments due to the practical experience which i have had to face while using comodo products and so i expect some quick program update of all latest comodo products which should fix all bugs related to the current and latest versions of comodo free firewall and comodo internet security premium and most importantly it is very much essential for any good and reputed security software brands to give monthly program and modules updates to their respective security softwares considering the powerful hands and means of security breaches and hack attempts and intrusion attempts that are caming out in new forms and ways each and every day and if comodo is to be made the best and the most strongest ever then it should definitely have monthly program and modules updates and to those people who are remarking my points or comments as some sort of badmouthing of comodo it is to say about you guys that you doesn’t understands what i actually want to say so you just better stop replying to my comments

First of all, it would be much appreciated if you could use some basic punctuation. It will make your post much easier to read and understand.

We understand your frustration, although keep in mind, that the best thing you can do for now is to report all your concerns in detailed bug reports. It would be certainly more helpful rather than opening new topics.

I’m sure that Comodo will deliver an update soon, but your problems will not be solved unless you report them.

It’s a good place to start: Comodo Forum

Punctuation is necessary as well as clear description of your problem and not immediately reinstalling Windows as a solution. I will move this topic to the appropriate help board for now.

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If you can’t express yourself like an intelligent person, we will automatically assume you’re an attention-seeking idiot.

That may be a bug indeed but it doesn’t impair anyone’s ability to use the program.

it’s such a huge shame about the fact that what types of members here we have on comodo forum because they are neither used to give proper & appropriate & positive replies neither they should appreciate an user feedback who really is pointing to the purpose of resolving all the major bugs & flaws & errors of the latest version of comodo products , so i definitely have to say once again that not only is the current versions of comodo products pathetic but some of the members of the comodo forum is also pathetic

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