Comodo is now blocking/asking/sandboxing all "default" windows files

Hi, so i have been running an early(ish) version of Comodo 8 with settings i found fitting. I have now updated to (export settings> uninstall old>install new>import settings)
and for some reason just about all files are either sandboxed or HIPS is asking what to do.
Even files that came with windows itself and because of this i cant even lock/sign out from the computer. If i try to, i will be forced to shut down the computer with the power button(i can hear HIPS in the background blocking the procedure )

AV: Stateful
Firewall: Custom rulset
Auto-Sandbox: Enabled (default settings)
Hips:Safe mode

Is there a bug in the old version or the new that causes this big change even with same settings?
I´m asking this because the old version very rarely sandboxed anything, even new files i downloaded.
(and this is the behavior i still want to keep, so maybe i should turn of auto-sandbox from now on?)

I always had the “trust applications signed by trusted vendors” and "trust files installed by trusted vendors" disabled and this did not case Comodo to ask about/sandbox every task windows is trying to do…
Most important question how do i get Comodo (hips) the same state as before where it ignored all crucial win files, while still blocking/asking about “downloaded” files/software?

I think your mistake was importing your config from the older version of CIS. I did this and had a lot of trouble with programs that used to run fine. I imported a default config file and set everything up from scratch and now CIS is running fine. You can import a default config file.

You can find them in the CIS program folder.

COMODO - Firewall Security.cfgx
COMODO - Internet Security.cfgx
COMODO - Proactive Security.cfgx