Comodo Is Not Blocking Program From Accessing Internet

I am running Windows 7, with Windows firewall disabled. I am also running Avast Anti Virus. Avast & Comodo are the ONLY two antivirus/firewall programs I have installed.

I have Comodo Firewall installed, and I am trying to block a program from accessing the Internet every time I load it up.

I have clicked “Define A New Blocked Application” and added the program in question to the blocked list, although every time I run the program it STILL manages to access the Internet.

I even tried to uninstall Comodo & reinstall, to see if that would help, although nothing has changed. I can’t understand why even after adding the program to the blocked list, it still manages to access the Internet.


This thread should shed some light on the issue.

Comodo Firewall and Avast 7

Hello HeffeD. I don’t want to sound rude/blunt as that’s not what I’m trying to do at all, although considering there are 17 pages worth of posts in that thread, would you perhaps mind letting me know exactly what I need to read, in regards to my particular problem?

I only ask, because I read several posts on there, although I can’t seem to find anything relating to the issue I have.

Thanks a lot.

Have you tried removing Avast 7 and retest?

On Windows 7, the Avast 7 Web Shield is incompatible with the firewall in CIS. Avast sets up a proxy connection that CIS (or the Windows firewall, for that matter) is unable to intercept applications accessing the internet.

You’ll either need to disable the Web Shield or use an earlier version of Avast if you want the firewall in CIS to function properly with Avast 7 on Windows 7.

Thanks Heffe, you’ve been a great help, couldn’t have asked for more.

I disabled the Web Shield and everything is perfect now, thanks again!