Comodo IS not able to get rid of virus

Hi guys,

I seem to have a virus on my laptop which started yesterday, and Comodo IS is not able to get rid of it. What do you recommend I do?

My Laptop is still running, but there are some major problems:

1.) I can’t install or uninstall any programs.

2.) I can’t defrag my laptop.

3.) Pages on the internet don’t always open

4.) I can’t open my temporary internet folder

5.) I can’t open images and photos on my laptop

6.) Windows updates want to update every time I shut my laptop down

7.) I have a Windows security alert saying I have no virus program installed, but this can’t be true, as I have Comodo IS installed and running.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.



Get into Safe Mode With Networking and download Hitman Pro. If you can’t open it, use Force Breach Mode (hold left Ctrl key while opening Hitman Pro until its window opens). After you clean up some of the malware, use MBAM and SUPERAntiSpyware to finish it off. Also, it would be good if you could copy-paste HiJackThis log here after completing above steps.

Does D+ or the sandbox catch it? What about raising the heuristics.

Thanks for your quick response. I apprectiate it. How do I get in to Safe Mode With Networking so that I can install the program? It won’t install normally.

Restart the computer and while booting tap F8 key continuously until you get Windows Advanced Options Menu.

I managed to install HitmanPro, but when I ran the program, it said that I have no internet connect, which is obviously not true, as I am online!

I then went to install the other programs you mentioned while in Safe Mode for Networking, although I didn’t get the chance to load them, as after I did this I now have the problem that every time I run Safe Mode for Networking, my laptop crashes before Windows even opens, it just completely shuts down.

Is there anything else I can do?


If you have access to a clean pc try making a Drweb live cd and boot up with that see if it catches anything