Comodo is no Member of AMTSO anymore? O_o

see: Comodo Affiliations - Creating Trust and Assurance | Comodo

AMTSO: The Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization focuses on the addressing the global need for improvement in the objectivity, quality and relevance of anti-malware testing methodologies. AMTSO membership is open to academics, reviewers, publications, testers and vendors, subject to guidelines determined by AMTSO. [b]Comodo is a member of AMTSO[/b]

And now see the AMTSO website:

Comodo were a member of AMTSO, but they are not now. Why is that?

[at]Melih what happened there? In the past you spoke positive about AMTSO always and questioned about others who are not members of AMTSO or not anymore.

I asked Melih and he said that there is no use being a member when the testing organisations are no longer participating.

Unless testing organisations have agreed to the new testing standards, there is no point in AV vendors to setup standards. Afterall, who will test it…

Sorry, maybe i have not understand u, but on the website u see that testing organisations like Dennis Technology Lab, PC Security Labs and Virus Bulletin are still members. i dont really understand it, whence comes this change?

Does it cost money to be a member?

if i am not wrong, then the cost are 3500$ for 1 year… i think i had read it in the past here at the Forum as Comodo wanted pay it for MRG. But maybe there are difference between testing organisations and vendors.

some new info what happened there? On the Comodo website i can still read about the membership: Comodo Affiliations - Creating Trust and Assurance | Comodo

Sorry, but for me is it weird, cause AMTSO was always an important point for COMODO and now they are not member anymore without a statement? hmmm O_o

It was important.
If testing organisations stayed in AMTSO and everyone could agree with a testing standard and create a process for amtso tests to be done etc, it would be have been ideal…It didn’t happen.