Comodo IS(No BB with HIPS enabled) with Mamutu Behavior Blocker

Is this configuration possible without experiencing conflicts between the two? Or should I disable Comodo’s intrusion prevention system as well. I am sure someone will tell me that I am better off just using Comodo IS without disabling features, but I am curious to see how it would perform.

I am useing Mamutu Behavior Blocker with CIS fully active with proactive settings without no problems

I wouldn’t recommend running a behavior blocker alongside a HIPS as they could very easily conflict because they do much the same thing. Even if you don’t experience any instability, I’m sure you would experience reduced performance.

If you want to run Mamutu, I would disable the HIPS.

Why do you want to use 2 of them? It’s an overkill. Choose Comodo or Emsisoft. But you better off with Comodo since it’s free and much better in my opinion.

Some run both fine but once again it’s an overkill. But I found a drag on my performance when I tested both in my system. So your call…

Thanks everybody, I think I will disable the HIPS when installing Mamutu and I will report back in a few days.