Comodo is isolating ATI Catalyst Control Center - How to get it out of there?

Hi [at]ll

I am a Newbie to this Forum, so please excuse me if I did not hit the right Forum Corner to open this Topic…

I am having a Problem with the ATI Catalyst Control Center being isolated by Comodo Internet Security.

I already tried to get it out via Advanced Settings - Defense+ - HIPS - HIPS Rules and also through Advanced Settings - Firewall - Rules for Applications. But none of this seems to work. Also tried to Reset the Sandbox… won’t work for me neither…

Help would be appreciated. I also tried different Queries on Google.

Please excuse me if the Submenu Naming is wrong, I am using German Version of Comodo Internet Security and did translate the Menus Naming directly…



P.S.: I am using Windows 8.1 64-Bit Version

Hi solarseed,

Go to Unrecognized Files > Right-Click on the file that is being Auto-Sandboxed > Move to > Trusted Files.
Additionally, please create a whitelist request here.

I got tired of searching for ATI Catalyst Control Center under Unrecognized Files, so I moved the entire List to Trusted Files.

But still the Catalyst Control Center wont appear… any Suggestions??

You can also run Rating Scan and make all CCC related files trusted.

After a few Reboots, CCC is now displayed in the Taskbar again and fully usable…

Thank you very much for your Replies.

I will file a Whitelist Request soon.

Have a nice Day