COMODO is great... well, what is anti malware? is it same as antispyware?

(L) I am using COMODO anti virus ,firewall .anti malware all the product are so great but I want to know one thing is anti malware same as anti spyware or it even better ??? (V)

Hi spsssw, welcome to the forums.

Spyware tries to track & spy on you (usually for commercial reasons), where as Malware attempts to cause damage to your system. The Mal in Malware stands for Malicious. So, Anti-Spyware and Anti-Malware are different by the nature of the things they are looking for. Does that help?

These terms are also often used interchangeably because malware can also refer to all the baddies including spyware as per Mike’s article:

one of the biggest difference is: we don’t track cookies. anti spyware applications track cookies and delete them.