Comodo is giving away money....Comodo money

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For getting your friends/family to install Free Comodo you will earn 1 Comodo dollar!!!

go ahead and join us and Protect your friends and family and earn Comodo dollars!!

You can create your own URL and send it to everyone…when people install Comodo using this URL, you will make Comodo money!!! :slight_smile: Generate your URL now and spread it everywhere!!!

Melih all my frends already have instaled :o

Sooo its look like you can offer me a credit (:LGH)

Cash only please


Add Comodo gadgets like Comodo t-shirt, comodo mug, Comodo pen :smiley:

:THNK Comodo pendrive please

How about a Comodo Punching Bag for beating all the nasty bad guys the hell ■■■■ out of them ;D ;D

I only miss a punch bag from my workout routine ;D


good idea…
maybe u can claim your comodo money for promotional stuff.

I like this :-TU

I like this too :-TU :-TU
Can we get comodo stuff for comodo money? ;D

so who has how much so far?

Well here in my hometown i have roughly added 50 people to the comodo community.That is purely by personal reccomendation.

I do feel comodo do not advertise themselves enough here in europe.

thank you, much appreciate it.

you can earn Comodo dollars by sending your friends a link, or putting this link into forums etc to get people to download and you earn money everytime they click the link to install.


Just make sure that when you do this you are not spamming (either people or forums). Comodo would never encourage the use of spam to encourage others to try out Comodo products.

This is probably obvious, but I just figured I’d better mention it anyway. :wink:

The email does not make it clear that the warranty only applies to residents of the USA.

Ewen :slight_smile:

we do it worldwide…

As I said in the other post - WOW!!! Excellent news!! Yet another reason to switch (besides the fact it’s bulletproof).

Ewen :slight_smile: