Comodo is freaking me out! Logged Intrusions [Resolved]

I’ve been running Comodo for a couple months now and everything has been just fine. But as of 9 hours ago, Comodo Firewall has detected for 400 intrusion attempts all by a “Windows Operating System”. I realize it is most likely actual Vista just doing it’s thing but since looking at all the different IP’s that the intrusions have been from and the fact that I changed nothing concerning Blocked or Trusted Applications. The firewall and anti-virus are both running on Safe Mode.

Please help, even if it means smacking me upside the head so being so stupid.

Welcome to the forums Kaosi :slight_smile:
Please post a screenshot of your logs, also please remove or blank out your IP if it shows in the logs.
Thank you

Here ya go. But I think I know what happened and I just might have to smack my head into the desk.
One thing that gave it away (I think) is that it is all going to the same port.

Thanks Dennis


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Do you use any filesharing/p2p programs? If so, don’t be freaked out O0

I use Vuze but it hasn’t been running in the last few days.

Also, I ran Ad-aware, Avast, AVG, and Comodo Anti-virus scanners and they did not detect anything. (They’re all on separate partitions so that they don’t conflict with each other.) So now I’m pretty sure something went wrong with a Windows update or something but until you guys confirm it, it’s going to stay blocked.

Thanks again


Upon checking those IP sources, there doesn’t appear to be any particular pattern as they’re in different countries. I wonder which application you use for that high-numbered port, so I thought it could be your P2P :THNK

There also wasn’t any real need to scan your PC, since if there really was malware, you would see outgoing rather than incoming connections being blocked.

Edit: Never mind. I just had a brain freeze for a moment (:SHY). Windows Operating System (let’s call it WOS) means application-less network traffic. So all this basically means from your log is the outside internet was trying to connect to your computer, but Comodo Firewall blocked them. In essence, you’re protected :-TU.

So it’s safe and I was just being an idiot? All I know is that I saw all of the attempted intrusions and freaked out.
And hey, the virus scanners didn’t hurt so it’s all good, just a waste of time.



Yes, you’re good. Unless you noticed some program doesn’t work or can’t connect to the internet, I’d say leave it and let CF do its job :slight_smile:

Resolved = Thread Closed (also changed title to make it more meaningful)