Comodo IS (firewall issue)

From time to time I “block” an access attempt reported by my Comodo IS (firewall component).

Where may I reverse this later, if I’ve inadvertently blocked something critical?

eg. I blocked “idle.dll” before I later realized it was a useful Yahoo Messenger .dll, so I’d like to undo that.

cfwo ( using Windows XP (SP3) )

editted to add: I just found a 2007 reference on these forums to a firewall user manual, at: (reading that now, just in case it covers this issue)

DLL (hook) blocking is a defense+ issue. You can verify them under

CIS-Defense±Advanced-Computer Security Policy

This portion lists the executables that are given access to run in your computer. If you face problems in any particular application or if you are aware that you have blocked a hook pertaining to a particular application

double click on the application - Click Access Rights

Click ‘Modify’ button - Blocked Applications

See whether there is any entry there. If you are sure of the application, you are remove the entry therein.

(Most of the programs, which are ‘safe’ as per Comodo, are given direct ‘Allow’ rule. Hence, for most of the programs you may not find any entry in those, except those where you have given an ‘Allow’ or ‘Block’ rule.)