COMODO IS & Exploits

How does COMODO IS protect against application & Windows exploits?

The main purpose of any Exploit is to exploit a vulnerability (hence its name) on any application running on a system and use this vulnerability to open a Payload. The Payload usually is a unknown .exe Malware or sometimes it’s a Fileless attack through Windows Powershell, CMD.exe or Windows Script Host.
Comodo protects against the first by default and against the latter through its Script Analysis module by enabling “Embedded Code Detection” for the mentioned vulnerable apps.

You can even include more vulnerable apps that often are targeted by Exploits such as the ones in this Picture (click to enlarge).

In this section of CIS? (In the picture)

Yes. You can either enable Embedded Code Detection for the ones included by default by Comodo (should be enough) or if you are more paranoid like me you can include the extra processes in the picture.

Okay. I bet that took you a lot of work to add all those.

Yes and I requested Comodo to include the extra processes by default in the list. BTW this picture and process list were made by Malwaretips Forum member AtlBo.