Comodo is driving me nuts...

I write software using REALbasic, and when testing/running my applications, RB automatically names the compiled program “DebugMy Application.exe”. That file is deleted once the program exits so you can resume programming.

I test a LOT. And every single time I test run my apps, Comodo starts screaming at me that “DebugMy Application.exe” has changed since it was last run. Is there ANY way to get this to ignore any file whose parent is “REALbasic 6006.exe”??

It’s really starting to drive me mad. ???


Hi and welcome to the forum, arcooke.

I know what you mean by this. The cryptographic signature checks. This has been an annoying issue for programmers, but with current versions unfortunately there’s option to (temporarily) disable it:,7890.0.html

But a request is in Wishlist v4, which was forwarded to the Comodo team. The next version might have it :wink:

Thanks for the reply. That’s a shame. Instead of disabling cryptographic signature checks, wouldn’t it be a better idea to just have an option for programs to “allow all child applications same privileges”?

I’m not sure exactly how Comodo is built but I imagine this would be a reasonable alternative seeing as how disabling CSCs is a possible security risk. I guess my idea is a risk also, but not as bad anyway.

Thanks again

You can post your request in the latest wishlist v5:,6883.0.html

The more ideas, the better