Comodo is doing well in BBR Firewall Poll

Broadband Reports ongoing 2008 Firewall Poll (Firewall Poll 2008 - Security | DSLReports Forums) shows good support for Comodo among the more knowledgeable users who participate in boards like BBR. If you have broadband, BBR is worth knowing about. Lots of expertise and searchable information available on a variety of topics affecting internet broadband users. (:CLP)

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nice :slight_smile:
thanks for this Sded


That’s nice to hear! :■■■■

Just voted for CFP, having had trouble with OA and gone back to CFPv2.

Interesting that CFP is second after router with f/w: sort of indicates that the router needn’t be a f/w if Comodo is installed(?).

Actually, you get to vote on more than one item, but most routers are just NAT.