Comodo IS Detection rate

Hi guys,

give a look at this indipendent test…we have 74.000 pieces of malware and every product was tested about its detection skills (pure detection, using default settings). In red you can see the paid AV…tester said that is amazing the way Comodo has improved in the last 3 years…now it seems on pair with KAV!!


I guess that devs would like to see undetected ones and improve AV.
Is it possible?

I’m no good at Spanish can you please translate?

It’s Italian… ;D

it’s not spanish…it’s italian :wink:

ok…i’ll try to translate the main sense: infected files were put in a folder, and then scanned…tester says that in this kind of test is ovviously important the final result, but we have to keep in mind that nowadays the key to be “winner” in the AV world is the zero day malware detection skill…and how often definition updates are released. Every AV was updated before the test (it’s obvious, but lets say it).
This is the first year wich sees KAV second classified, and G DATA winner…another huge surprise is Comodo IS 5…since 2007 it has improved very very much, and now is third just behind KAV. Hopefully it will keep this very high standard…these are the main things.

That’s good news for Comodo.:slight_smile:

What we often see is that Comodo does (very) well with “recent” malware but falls short on the older/legacy malware.

In their testing reports shown that COMODO CIS detection rate history:

2011 CIS V5.2 91.8% of 74,000 infected files.
2010 CIS V3.13 89.7% of 65,000 infected files.
2009 Comodo AntiVirus 78.5% of 58,000 infected files.

All over the net you see anonymous posters saying that Comodo AV sucks, without anything to back that up.

Well whatever it is sucking everyone should get some.

Congratulations Umesh and your team. :slight_smile:

Well done comodo! :-TU

Valentin N

Cool. (:WIN) A Avira 10 yielded even Avast 5.

And here you can find the lightness test:

TEST1 (system start up in sconds);
TEST2 (RAR archive extraction with 52.000 files in minutes);
TEST3 (52.000 files copy from one partition to another one in the same HD, in minutes);
TEST4 (game installation in minutes)
TEST5 (52.000 files scan in minutes)

ALL tests were executed on Win 7, 32 bit, and Pentium Intel E6600 e 2 GB RAM.

this is great news, a big thank you to all that have contributed towards the detection rate of comodo av, this will include of course the comodo team as well as the comodo end users who submit suspicious files (day in and day out) and not forgetting the mods who work so ■■■■■■■ the beta releases. Well done Comodo team :-TU

Here is a rough translation:


Like in the slid years, also in 2011 I have executed the customary comparison antivirus on a champion of approximately 74000 rows infects from virus, Trojan, to malware and worm. The rows have been puttinges in a folder, and therefore made to analyze from the antivirus.

Care to a comparison antivirus of this kind is worth the considerations always, and cioé that, with it puts into effect them spread of Internet, the main parameter in order to understand the emergency of an antivirus does not consist alone in some point percentage in more or less (always that the difference points are not many), how much in the timeliness of the modernizations (would add: and also in the ability it is not made to infect from disowned viruses, but this is a parameter the much most difficult one to measure).

Like every year, every antivirus has been dawned quickly before the test. The scanning modality is that predefined for every antivirus.


This year we have a new package of entire free emergency, Outpost Security 7, than but it has not arrived between first. We hope that make better in the next few years.

Confronting the result with those of slid years (2010, as an example), there are two important innovationes: before it is the first position, conquered from GData Antivirus the 2011 (slid year was ended of least behind Kaspersky), and for the first time from when I make the comparisons antivirus, Kaspersky comes chopped herbs; the second one is the continuous rise of Comfortable Antivirus (or Comfortable Internet Security), than this year quite third party has arrived, to least distance from the great Kaspersky. The constant improvement of this antivirus can be seen today from the comparison of 2007: year is successful to rimontare positions after year, till to arrive to the third party place of this year. We hope that elevating remains on these levels much.

Regarding the other antivirus free, to part the ulterior improvements of Comfortable not are innovation of relief regarding the slid year (must but add the version free of BitDefender, arrived anch’essa in good position).

Avast! Home always remains between best (this year chopped herbs from Comfortable), followed in the order from Antivir 10, Microsoft Security Essentials 2, from BitDefender free, free AVG 2011, Panda Cloud, OutPost Security Suite 7 free, ClamWin and PcTools antivirus (more or less on the percentages of the slid year).
This year also I have added to the comparison Dwarf Antivirus, than but it is still to the beginnings (has made better only than Rising).

Like already said, the free antivirus of Outpost this year me has not particularly made an impression, neither for lightness neither for the percentage of acknowledgment virus, however we wait for the evolution in the next few years.

On the whole, however, this year the antivirus free has not disfigured regarding those to payment, and there is a great variety of choice, still greater regarding the years slid (between the best ones have joined BitDefender and Outpost)."

Thanks for that.

Our detection is very decent actually. And our “detection” is not used as protection but simply for usability.



By the way. Comodo in Italian is Comfortable. That may help to understand the translation a bit better.

Even though the AV is around purely for usability the sheer fact that its detection is very much up to the standards may give the notch for people who are considering to start using it. But it is not the unique selling point of CIS.

Yeah…here in Italy “Comodo” means comfortable, convenient…suitable, so when someone ask me “What AV do you use?” I answer “Comodo!!” And they say “Comodo? The name seems promising…”. Here in Italy I don’t know many persons using Comodo to be honest…most of them use avg, Avira or Avast, and I was an Avast user too, waiting for the rising of Comodo AV detection rate to change my security solution. :wink:

Well it’s on par with any other, but I feel better knowing it’s (CIS) is better at prevention rather than the cure (once damage is done), let’s face it… Detection means that once it gets onto the computer and does it thing it is discovered… as opposed to it been sandboxed so it cannot do anything nasty as well as the DEF + asking you stuff to keep you informed of any unusual activity…

PS- The way I have said it may not make sense, as it is hard for me to explain… but means more or less, that detection based finding it old and the new way of thinking defeats the need for this, yet is there for peace of mind and ease of use for the less savvy?

I agree…nowadays is more important to keep the pc clean, rather than clean an infected pc…sandboxing techniques are spreading…but there’s also someone that doesn’ know the differences between an administrative account and a limited one…how a firewall works…just because they think that a PC is like a TV. You just have to turn it on, and use it…clicking everywhere you want. But when you suddenly have a BSOD, than you realize that it’s not so safe…eheh

I think Avira score was a little shorter because they were using the “PE” edition

Hahaha, norton 2011 is on parr with AVG 2011 :stuck_out_tongue: based on there test.

I think it’s safe to assume now that Comodo’s Anti-Virus (by itself) “based on how it’s tested” it can be anywhere from Above Average to Great. :slight_smile: It’s NO LONGER just average like it used to be :wink:

Anyway Comodo’s greatest strength is “prevention”.