Comodo is blocking my exes (I think I just made a huge mess)

Hello, I’m new here. Anyways, Ill dive right in:

Yesterday I installed Comodo on my laptop, and all was well. Today I was using my computer as usual and opened photoshop… Comodo opened a window and asked me if I wanted to allow it, and I thought I did tell it to. However, apparently what I told Comodo was to block all exes. I’m not sure if this is what I did, but it certainly seems that way. Photoshop didn’t open, an error message appeared saying something along the lines of not having permission to access it.

I continued to use my computer normally, but every application I closed, I was unable to open again. I decided to restart my computer, which was a big mistake. I wasn’t able to open any programs after I restarted, except for explorer and task manager. I tried to access Add/Remove Programs, Firefox, Foobar2000, nothing opened. I tried killing cmdagent.exe in task manager (I just read about it being hard to kill) and was unable to. Ive been having problems restarting my computer in safe mode, but thats what I’m doing right now to try and uninstall Comodo, however if I cant terminate cmdagent.exe I don’t think Ill be able to anyways.

I really need help, as of now my laptop is completely unusable (Cant even play solitaire, hell my laptop cant even detect my battery!). Sorry if this doesn’t make much sense, as I’m writing in a hurry.

Edit: I managed to boot into safe mode, my computer is still acting weirdly but at least now I can proceed to uninstalling the firewall and maybe trying it from a fresh start.

Same thing happened to/was caused by me. I had to boot in to Safe Mode to remove CFP.
Trouble is, once this has happened it’s impossible to start anything to fix the problem.

I’m not installing v3 (currently on v2.4) until this can’t happen - it’s actually worse than most malware for a lot of users who have the problem, as it renders the comuter useless unless one knows how to get round it.

Another way might be to boot from a Linux Live CD and get rid of the files.

I think u might have blocked explorer.exe to run any exe! Just a guess. It can block mose exes!

er, yes - daft isn’t it? Trouble is, then nothing much can be done because everything is blocked!

Couldn’t uninstall CFP and even got to the point where CFP was stopping parts of its self.

tsterling posted a useful fix here:;msg117973#msg117973


First of all, set Defense+ component of CFP to “disabled” from safe mode. Check if your computer works well now.

If it is still not operating normally, deactivate Defense+ permanently (GUI->Defense+ ->advanced->Defense+ settings).

Another try is to set cmdagent.exe to manual start: Run->services.msc->Comodo Firewall Pro Helper Service->properties->manual startup

Some of this actions should solve the problem with computer operation in normal mode.
And you should be able reinstall firewall or edit computer security policy of Defense+ to fix appropriate permissions.

Seeing this has frightened me a bit about using Comodo pro 3.0 and I was hoping that some of the hardcore CPF users can tell me how unlikely this is to happen to someone else. I also wouldn’t mind a little reassurance to continue using it? I really like Comodo, but again this causes some fear in me over using Comodo. Thanks.

i engaged the very good help files before and during any dial turning, and switch flipping. has kept me out of trouble.


I’ve read and understood the help files myself. However, if this can happen to someone just because they made a Photoshop allow or deny mistake. Well I hope you get the picture. My wife occasionally uses my PC instead of hers to check something on line, and while I’m not sure how what happened to the original poster could happen with her just getting on line. I still don’t want to take any chances.

Did you ever think about system restore? You should always make a habit to make a restore point before installing anything. That way there you can just roll back to when everything was fine.


Well from what has been written here, apparently a System Restore would also be hard to do because of what happened.

Not in safe mode. You can do s system restore in safe mode which means no AV or Firewall is running.

So I’m assuming using safe mode and uninstalling CPF made his PC normal again, or was a System Restore needed? No matter how hard it may be for something like this to happen, if it would my question is, can the damage be completely reversed?

Has anyone noticed that the original poster has yet to come back? :THNK

Maybe they can’t because their PC is still messed up from Comodo Pro? LOL.

I doubt that. User error I say. (R)

You’re slowly winning me over Vettetech, but I would like to hear from some people to help give me some assurance that this isn’t a bug and something that would be virtually impossible to have happen again.


Will you stop already…The Mods would have answered if they thought there was a problem to answer to. Just send one an IM then if your so paranoid. (R)

Here ask the man himself.

All right, all right. I’ll install 3.1 next week. There are you happy now? LOL.