Comodo is blocking a needed utility-how do I unblock?

I downloaded a small utility to help me recover my router PIN which I sorely need to make some port changes… WirelessKeyView.exe is the name of the file and the second I attempted to unzip the archive, Comodo grabbed the executable and blocked it.

And as long as it’s on that blocked list I can’t download it again because the same thing happens even with CIS shut down while I try. I’m also having trouble with it sandboxing every other file I attempt to open even after I’ve told it not to do that again, but I can live with that.

My questions are… 1) why does CIS no longer ask me what I want to do with files I have downloaded before it zaps them into oblivion never to set foot on my computer again and 2) How the heck do I unblock this simple little utility file now that Comodo has decided I don’t need it and that I’m not going to get it?


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