Comodo IS blocked mIRC?

Hi, I installed CIS for the first time and it said it found something on mIRC. I didn’t click on Ignore on the alert in time and it automatically blocked mIRC.EXE, it’s icon got lost and I can no longer access the file. It did not place it in the quarantine, so there is no restore option.

How do I restore the file back to normal use please?

Thank you!

Hi Stormlord, welcome to the forums.

This sounds more like a Defense+ alert rather than an AV alert. A default (time-out) Defense+ block can usually be undone by simply rebooting.

If it is an AV alert (and it hasn’t been quarantined) then you merely need to add whatever it is (check the AV event log) to the AV exclusions… if you’re sure it’s safe.

Yes, you were correct. A simple reboot unblocked it but when I tried to re-run it, the same alert appeared again but I clicked Ignore and added the file to the Trusted files list and it’s ok now.

Why on earth would CIS find anything suspicious on mIRC. It’s one of the oldest and cleanest irc clients ever. The malware name it found was ApplicUnwnt@30s61ls98cnar. Is this just an “unwanted” app or something?

Thank you!

You can report false positives on this site.


Please read here;msg290531#msg290531

Thank you for your responses. I added mIRC to the Trusted apps list. Is there any significant difference between the Trusted apps list and the Excluded apps list? Should I place it in the Excluded apps list instead for some reason?