Comodo is being initialised [Resolved]

This is the pop up I get when I hover my cursor over the Comodo icon in the system tray. Is this normal?



Normal, no. Common, yes. :frowning:

There are a number of users who have experienced this. Here’s a short thread that discusses it, and links to some others.

smckinney1 found a way around it by cleaning up his startup programs.


Cheers LittleMac, but I think you forgot the link. ;D

Aherm. Let BIG Mac (:KWL) take over from here.,6823.0.html,2397.0.html,7190.0.html,6339.0.html,7055.0.html,6481.0.html,6501.0.html,6191.0.html,6245.0.html,7209.0.html (oops! This one’s in Italiano)

There are others, but I think they are too old.

the easiest way to get rid of that is…

right click on the FW Icon in the system tray

adjust security level

and chose custom (which should already be checked)

Poof!!! it’s gone :slight_smile:

Hope this helps (B)

Doggone it! (:AGY) Now Soya’s tryin’ to promote himself again. First the name change, now this!

However, in all his self-aggrandizement, he missed the one to which I referred, which is this one:,7255.msg53401.html#msg53401. First actual “permanent” resolution, I think, until a fix is released.


I didn’t necessarily missed it. I just thought Joliet wouldn’t be jolly anymore after the first one…

“Some users have noted that by accessing the “security level” from the systray icon (without making changes) it returns to normal.”

This actually worked!!!


Great, I’m glad that’s working for you!


PS: I’ll mark the topic as resolved for other users’ benefit; if you find you’re still having difficulty with it, just PM a moderator with a link and request it be reopened. We’ll be happy to do so.