COMODO is annoying me with prompts - how can I stop it?

This is the first Firewall I’ve ever used where I have to click “Accept” for every single action an application performs.

Is there an alternative way where I can make some application do whatever they want without COMODO bothering me ever again?

Your help is much appreciated.

Hi & welcome.

I suppose you refer to Defense+ popups. Which mode do you have it in? Clean PC Mode? If you start all the programs you’re normally using, Defense+ should learn (with and without popups you’ll have to answer), and then it shouldn’t bother you any more.


Thanks for your reply, but I’m referring to the Firewall pop ups that asks me whether I want to allow a certain program or not.

I just want COMODO to work like other firewalls - once you allow a program, it will be allowed to preform whatever it wants to perform.

Take a look at application rules Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policy where you can edit each application to either allow/ask/block each time it wants to connect.

ps Comodo is not just a basic Firewall it takes a bit of time to get used to.

Nice 1 Matty

So you mean if I make an application a “Trusted Application”, COMODO will allow it to do anything without informing me?

because that’s what I’m looking for.

With regards the Firewall it will allow all incoming and outgoing requests in application rules.

Nice 1 Matty

if that’s what you’re looking for you don’t need a firewall. Otherwise you can minimize the number of firewall alerts by making sure that it is set on “train with safe mode”, and the HIPS (Def+) set on “Clean PC Mode”.

I want to trust certain applications (that I often use) only, not everything.

look, even applications that you often use won’t bother you with alerts on the modes I mentioned in my previous posts. So be sure these modes are activated before you put anything to trusted, because it is the role of such a program to take care of the applications you use the most. Setting any application as trusted in the firewall rules is mad, cause it will allow anything to happen. Not to mention that some automated rules in CFP are too permissive (like the IP out ones), but that’s another topic. If Def+ bothers you, you could also set some apps there as trusted, but be careful which ones (not the browsers).

You really should only have to answer the alerts once, else, there’s something wrong. I’ve heard about problems with CFP remembering rules but I don’t know if that bug is actually around now, nor if it really applies to your system.