Comodo IS always Disapears from the Hidden Icons in the Taskbar.

Comodo IS Icon always Disapears from the Hidden Icons in the Taskbar. It makes me feel like Comodo just shut down or like I was unprotected or somthing?

What is causing this issue? and I know its not just me, I have had the same problem on other OS before.

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I should have told you which OS I am using “Windows 7 X64”, I have had this Issue on other Machines Running Windows 7 x32, So no I do not think my Taskbar is broken. If my TaskBar was broken on 3 Machines in a row it would be very odd dont you think? Also none of my other Icons ever Disapear, so the issue has to be in CIS, the problem stopped after the Update before the last update was released but returned with the current update.

This does not happen everyday, it only happens sometimes, I will look at my hidden Icons to access somthing like Comodo, and the Icon is nowhere in site.

Here is a screen of my Hidden Icons…

[attachment deleted by admin]

This happens to me on WinXP x86 SP1 too. The icon is not present after windows loads. However it runs in background, simply double clicking the comodo icon on desktop restores tray icon. I noticed something thou.

I had an old Edimax usb wireless adapter, it disables fast user switching which brings user selection even thou it’s configured to logon automatically to use default user. The application for Edimax is Atheros. When that one is installed, I can see Comodo icon on tray when windows loads. So there’s no problem.

When I install the newer Zyxel NWD-2105 with N-lite Software, the icon never appear after windows loads. This one lets you use fast user switching thou.

So I wonder what causes this icon to disappear and why it’s related to wireless adapter/software.

MIssing tray icons is a well known and annoying quirk of XP: Online Poker And Real Money .

I am having the same problem (just started in the past couple days, actually), running Win7 32-bit, so that taskbar fix thing for XP doesn’t apply. CIS is the only application that is doing it. What’s the fix?

Please check if cfp.exe (the client, which is hooked up to the icon) and cmdagent.exe (background service) are running with Task Manager. In TM enable “Show processes of all users”.

Keep us posted.

Both of them were running when I had 5.5, but the icon would not appear. Now that I have installed the 5.8 beta, the icon is in the taskbar again.