"comodo is already installed" when i attempt install CIS

I needed use system restore on win xp sp3 and after this the cis disappears from my system and now is impossible install it again because appears the message “comodo is already installed”. But the program there is not here. I clean my rgistry with several programs (regcleaner, comodo system cleaner, vit registry fix) and the problem continues. What’s the solution for this problem?

Do a manual check in the folder:
C:\Program Files

See if you can find something named COMODO…
If you do, remove the map possible… =)

But do this first… check add/remove programs…
Is CIS there? :o

If so run the uninstaller! :slight_smile:

There is no item “comodo” in these patchs and there is no uninstaller in add/remove programs from control panel. What to do?

start regedit… If you have trouble starting regedit then post about it and I will find you a guide! (:WIN)

delete the following… Manually…



HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Comodo\Comodo Personal Firewall

Still not working? :-\

If that doesn’t help, use regedit and search for all occurrences of cmdagent and delete them.

Before you make this change to the registry, please back it up. An excellent way to do this is to install ERUNT. Let it add an entry to your Start menu during the install process. That will allow ERUNT to backup your registry each time you boot. It only takes a few seconds and has no real impact on boot time. Run ERUNT immediately after installing it to create a full registry backup.

Then if something is deleted that shouldn’t have been, simply go to the C:\Windows\erdnt folder and pick the erdnt.exe wanted to restore the registry to it’s state when it was backed up. This can even be done from the Recovery Console if needed

Problem is solved!
Thank you very much.