Comodo is absolutely great!


First of all I want to say that Comodo Firewall is a very good firewall and i think thats one of the best firewalls in the world right now. And Comodo Firewall is free :slight_smile: (V)

I just want to ask: Comodo is a little hard to understand sometimes and if I says “deny”, when Comodo asks about a program can use the internet, then all my internet is gone until I restart my computer.

But a great firewall and i want to try Comodo AV 2 when it not running in beta more.


Hi there all!

just want to say, that i’ve tried so many FWs during the years, like conseal years ago, mcafee, NIS (for the longest period) then, nvidia built-in hw fw! :slight_smile:
but there were always problems. only NIS were kinda flawless 2 me, but is has a serious disadvantage… its eating tons of memory… not that i would lack of mem, but still… and they were all non-freeware of coura, expect nvidia’s solution!

and then, I found out about comodo! and its FREE? dear… so I tried, what to risk, right? will see.
and i have to tell ya, so far, so satisifed :■■■■
but i dont wanna jump to conslousions, so i am waiting, testing, givin’ its time, and will see how good comodo is!

LaraGirl83, forget about waiting… i know the answer already :slight_smile:


Tesk: not sure if i can help, but what program did you deny?

There is a known “issue” with CPF that causes that. Hopefully it will be resolved when the next version is released. I just have to restart my browser if i deny another program to connect through it. I suppose you have tried that… and tried to just restart CPF…

tanks for answers :slight_smile:

I only wanted the Comodo Team to know something about that “issue”.

I haven’t tried to restart Comodo after I have pressed “deny” but i think i will try that.

But i will keep Comodo Firewall even trough that issue don’t can be solved. Comodo is the best firewall i ever have running with. A little “heavy” to run with, but that just a good sign. I will mean thats cost something to be protected so good as Comodo is protecting my PC (V)

And its only 24 MB ram (says the Taskmanager in windows) and that is for both process.

But keep up the good work (R)

Here can be closed if thats necessary. ;D

good day!

you can read a great review here…

score: almost perfect!

A Personal Firewall for Your Security


hope the AV has this score too
but its getting better though


That was a really nice review.
But we already know that CF is excellent… :wink: ;D